28 Feb

Facebook is now how you hear about a friend’s death

A survey into how deaths are announced in the UK has discovered that 1 in 8 of us would use Facebook. And a quarter of people say that they would not know that someone had died had it not been shared online.

Breaking bad news online seems to somehow still be regarded as a bit of a surprise, not the obvious thing to do, but the reality is it’s the quickest way to spread the news. We’re surprised, frankly, that these figures are so low.

The announcement in the newspaper of someone’s passing might still be useful (for legal reasons if for no other), but why would you rely on just a local means of the news getting out? Or for births and marriages either? We’ve moved on from the days when you ring round everyone to let them know, surely?

Anyway, if you want more info on this rather unsurprising finding, you can find it in The Times or use the report’s author’s own site.

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