Useful Resources

American Library Association provides information on archiving, including this webinar on Personal Digital Archiving

Citizens Advice Bureau for general information on what to do after a death in the UK and, more specifically for the subject of this web site,  how to deal with their property Further detail is often provided by reference to the UK government website. Note that the property and bank accounts section offers no guidance currently on how to deal with online assets.

Dead Social describes how to set up your own social media legacy. Describes itself as “an end of life planning tool”.

Digital legacy association is aimed at giving healthcare professionals guidance on how to support the public with digital assets and digital legacy.

Guardian article describing itunes licensing, as purportedly determined by Bruce Willis.

Social Embers  advises (like us) on handling the digital assets of  the deceased. A UK version of Dead Social, it also offers a Digital Executor service to solicitors.