30 Nov

Times article on updating Facebook from beyond the grave

Updates from beyond the grave

Today’s (London) Times has an article titled ” How to update your Facebook status from beyond the grave”. This mentions a number of topics that we cover here on this site, such as how to hand on your passwords when you die, leaving a social media will so that your social media accounts can be updated “from beyond the grave”, but also some interesting statistics. The source of these is a survey of 2,000 adults by probate lawyers at Jackson Canter Group.

The survey found:

  • 32 per cent of people plan to name a “social media manager” in their will.
  • More than half (52 percent) want their Facebook pages maintained
  • 15 per cent request Twitter feeds be kept alive (even though this is not current Twitter policy )
  • 1.5 percent wanted to have Instagram updates

57 percent said they only wanted their “social media manager” to reply to comments expressing sympathy, and post old memories or photos once or twice a year. More than 10 percent have requested that someone post at least once a week on their page to keep their memory alive.

That’s really quite onerous, and probably unrealistic in the long term. There is a solution however: automation. The nominated manager just needs to set up rules to do this.

– The original Times article can be viewed here  (full article only if you are a subscriber).


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