8 Feb

Your Snapchat legacy – should you worry about it?


Given that Snapchat’s IPO has been big news and is going to make it big business when it happens in March , should you be worried about any legacy content you might leave on Snapchat?

It’s great attraction to its audience ( mainly millennials , i.e. under-30s) is its impermanence – you share messages, typically multi-media ones, “in the moment”, then the content is gone.

There’s no online identity to manage as you would do with a Facebook profile, but there are some elements that you could leave behind: “memories”, in particular, and your contribution to “geostickers”, i.e. city-specific content.

Whilst Snapchat’s mantra is to avoid being creepy, there’s still the question of what would happen to your content should you die.

For a start, their Terms of Service specifically prohibit you from sharing your password, describing your content as non-assignable. And there is no password recovery should you forget (or someone dear to you want to retrieve) your “memories”, stories and posts saved into a private area.

With this sort of approach it seems you should assume your own, or a loved one’s, content will disappear when you pass on.

We’d love to hear users experience, or if anyone thinks otherwise.

UPDATE: Snapchat have confirmed they delete an account when provided with a death certificate. Their current privacy policies do not allow them to grant access to the account,