Store cards – UK

Our experience is that you can generally get storecard pointss from a relative or partner transferred to your account. You may additionally have to send a death certificate and be an estate executor. See a couple of examples below:

Tesco (Clubcard): FAQ, General: What happens when a relative dies and they had a Clubcard? If a family member dies, please write to the Customer Service Centre detailing the member’s name, address and Clubcard number. They will close the account so that no further mailings are sent. The Data Protection Act prevents changing any details on a card without the owner’s consent but you can have the points transferred to your existing card or they can send you a new card after stating that the relative has died. However, the request for this must be in writing. Please write to:
Tesco Clubcard
Dundee DD2 9XU

Nectar: HELP: My partner or relative has died. How can I transfer his/her points and close the account?

This states “.. please get in touch with us if you’re the legal heir. If there are more than 40,000 points on the account, we’ll need written confirmation from the executor of the will. Please send it to us at:



Clipper Boulevard , Dartford DA2 6QB

Once we’ve received your letter, we’ll arrange for the points to be transferred to the new account.”