Twitter allow you to request the deactivation of a deceased user’s account.

Their guidance: Contacting Twitter about a deceased user

To request change: Twitter privacy form

Our experience:

After checking “I want to request the deactivation of a deceased user’s account” and submitting the privacy form, you will receive an email identifying your case , asking you to supply by return link

  • A copy of the deceased individual’s death certificate.
  • A copy of your government-issued ID (e.g., passport or driver’s license).
  • A signed statement, including:
    • Your first and last name
    • Your current contact information
    • Your relationship to the deceased
    • Please confirm the following statement: “Under penalty of perjury I confirm to be authorized to represent the deceased individual.”
    • Your signature

Please note carefully:

Twitter’s policy, states that they are “unable to provide account access to anyone regardless of  his or her relationship to the deceased”

They will remove imagery (photos or videos) of deceased individuals in certain circumstances,so we advise you to view and assess the images before you submit your request.