Linked In

LinkedIn only offer the option of deleting the deceased’s  account.

Their guidance: Linkedin advice

To request change: LinkedIn request form

Our Experience

LinkedIn say that, to start this process, you need to include in what you supply :

  • The URL to their linked in profile
  • Your relationship to the deceased

What we noticed

We supplied a death certificate attached to the initial request. Using this information, the account was removed without any further request for information. Any attempt to access it receives the message “Sorry, this profile couldn’t be displayed‘.

Please note carefully:

LinkedIn say “Any reports we receive from members about the death of another member does require that we disable [an account] from public view”.

Therefore, the list of LinkedIn contacts is lost to you, so you should download or record them somehow if you require them.

In our opinion, it might be better not to notify LinkedIn of the death immediately as you may prefer their friends and family to be able to refer to the deceased’s contacts.