About this site

When a friend or family member dies, they leave an online legacy of social media posts, assets such as photos and videos, and online accounts for a multitude of purposes. They may have also had and online presence for their business.

They may have followed the latest advice and created a social media will, assets will, and passed on information about their various accounts and passwords but, chances are, they didn’t.

Our aim is to help you manage the online presence for Someone you lost as speedily as possible, which you may be concerned to do after a death. We also provide guidance on how to gain access to their assets.

You may wish to create remembrance pages, delete the once-very-active and  now-static accounts they have left behind, or achieve a mixture of these. We aren’t legal professionals: our guidance is based on personal experience of handling such actions, and will expand over time as this issue, a very new one for many people, matures.

Additionally, we try to advise on the rather morbid but increasing essential topic of how to manage the online legacy You will leave when you depart this world.

Much of what we present here is gleaned from Social Media sites themselves: Facebook, Twitter etc; whose policies are still evolving to address this. We also refer you to other useful sites and resources. Using your feedback we hope to maintain and extend this crucial information.