9 Jan

Gomonews website restored

Following our investigation into getting hold of, and restoring, a blog that was lost when the owner died, we are pleased to announce that it has been restored, at least partially.

The website in question is Gomonews, which was owned, editted, and run by Tony Dennis, who died suddenly in February.

Our articles Getting hold of website content and Keeping a web site running describe the process followed in order to make this happen.

The domain www.gomonews.com has been recovered, and redirected to a new hosting platform.

The content was obtained from an old backup, and contains posts from the site’s inception up to March 2013.

The site has been re-created in archive form, i.e. no new posts will be added but it is a fully-searchable copy of the original posts.

There is further work to be done in obtaining the associated post images and later posts ( these ran up until February 2016), so progress on this will be reported here as and when improvements are added.

See the gomonews archive here, and watch this space for further updates!


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