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Facebook – ‘memorialize’ or delete

A "memorialized" page
A “memorialized” page

Should someone you know pass on, you might want to make this apparent on their Facebook profile.Facebook allow you to “memorialize” or delete an account. “Memorialize” means to make it apparent that the account holder is deceased, and apply some constraints – see “Our experience” below. Ideally, the person doing this has already been nominated by the deceased as a legacy contact, extending the range of actions that can be taken.

Their guidance : Facebook ‘How to’ guide

To request change:  Special request for deceased person’s account

Our Experience
You need to supply:

  • a copy of the death certificate
  • their page URL *
  • the email address they might have used to create their account, if you know it

* If you were Facebook friends you can get the url of your loved one (possibly only on a desktop machine) by clicking on their profile.  If not, search for their profile by name to find their account.

Once you have submitted the request you should receive immediate email confirmation from  support.facebook.com

You should the receive another email confirming the requested changes have been made, with a link to the updated profile (in our case, approximately 4 hours later)

What we noticed:

  • The profile name is now prefixed with “Remembering ..”
  • The date of death is not added. Facebook say they cannot make changes to the Timeline under any circumstances
  • No supplied epitaph or link to a memorial site is added even if supplied.

It is possible to write a post on the timeline still, from your own account, with any information you would like to add.

We intend to do this on the anniversary of the death in question.

Please note carefully:

  • It is  Facebook’s policy to memorialize an account, but you can also request the account be removed.
  • You can administer the account to a limited degree if you have been made a legacy contact by the deceased – see our “Social Media Wills” section. It is not possible to be added as a legacy contact to the account of someone who has passed away.

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